Why I Love Tea

Why I Love Drama

With the current rise in popularity of tea (better known as drama channels), channels like Rich Lux, Nick Snider, and Tea by Ali, are on the frontier of the tea community.

Jeffree Star and Shane DawsonAround the time I started diving more into Instagram, I discovered Beauty Truth Sleuth, an Instagram account dedicated to unveiling the truth in the beauty industry. It wasn’t until the account was rebranded to Tea by Ali that I decided to view Ali’s videos on a more regular basis. Originally, I started watching drama channels as a distraction from February… but then dramageddon happened where James Charles was accused of being a predator.

For some reason, I couldn’t tear myself away from the coverage, and I discovered Nick Snider and Rich Lux, and then eventually dove into Spill Sesh and Spill. For me, the drama of the beauty industry was an escape and a way to distract myself from my disappointment. It also inspired me to take a closer look at the beauty industry and to educate myself on makeup and beauty products. I purchased my first palette, doubled down on my Ipsy subscription, and fell in love with the industry as a whole.

A part of this blog will be dedicated to tea from the beauty industry, as well as educating everyone on past dramas that are relevant to today due to the launch of the Shane Dawson documentary. I will also be spilling some tea on the fashion industry. There are things I have held my tongue on for a long time, and I think now is the time to discuss them with all of you. I want you to learn from my experiences so you don’t make the same mistakes I have. I also want to continue to lift the veil of the fashion industry by documenting the launch of my new accessories brand and everything that has gone into the development of it.

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