Huda and Tati and Shane, Oh My!

Huda and Tati and Shane Oh My

Even if you have been sleeping under a rock, it is pretty hard to escape the fourth quarter palette drops. A quirk of the beauty industry is that during the last week of October, most major brands release their holiday collections. The three most notable drops are for Huda Beauty (which dropped on October 24th), Tati Beauty (which dropped on October 25th), and Shane Dawson x Jeffree Star Cosmetics (dropping on November 1st).

There are a few things to note before we get into the palette analysis. First, Huda Beauty swopped down from nowhere (after Tati came from nowhere like a week before to announce her beauty drop) and announced she would be releasing her palette THE DAY BEFORE TATI. The DAY BEFORE. A lot of people saw this as shady that Huda would choose to do this. And that the shade was being directed at Tati, but there are a few things to consider. Honestly, I don’t think that Huda had a clue that Tati was going to launch her beauty line in October, let alone the day after Huda was going to drop her palette.

Huda Mercury Retrograde PaletteMy theory is that since the Mercury retrograde palette looks more of a spring palette (at least to me), that it seems more plausible that Sephora would benefit from bringing the Huda palette release up. This is so that Sephora would have a major release for the Holidays. Sephora had an idea that Morphe (which sells through Ulta Beauty) had the James Charles palette dropping in the fourth quarter, as well as the ColourPop palettes and the rumored Shane Dawson palette. So in order for Sephora to be competitive this holiday season, they may have upped the deadline of one of the Mercury Retrograde release. But this is just a theory and Sephora has not commented on this just yet.

Mercury Retrograde retails for $67.00 and is more of a spring palette than a holiday palette in my opinion. The bottom two rows are warm neutral tones, and the top row is the more bold color choices. There are quite a few shimmery tones, which is something Huda beauty has been criticized in the past for their glitter tones feeling chalky. The palette is currently sold out on Huda Beauty’s official site and on Sephora online. However, it did take a number of days for the palette to finally sell out.

The Mercury Retrograde Palette features a cosmic blend of 18 shades and textures, balancing cool and warm tones, to deliver infinite possibilities. Some of the eyeshadow names are Cosmic, Utopia, Ultraviolet, Nebula, Mercury, Libra, and Supermoon. Which aligns well with the palette’s theme. While I like some of the shades, I feel as if I own palettes similar to this one. Thus, I will not be running out to purchase this palette.

Tati Beauty PaletteNext up we have Tati Beauty’s first palette, Texture Neutrals Vol 1 which retails for $48.00. The palette is currently sold out after being available for around 72 hours. Not bad for Tati’s first launch. The palette is available for pre-order with guaranteed shipped by December 15th, 2019. The palette has received rave reviews thus far and earned praised from Manny MUA. Many have noted the smooth, buttery texture of the palette, as well as the high pigmentation.

The palette has 24 shades which include matte, metallic, glitter, and sequin finishes. The palette has a gorgeous warm array of shades, including nudes, silvers, oranges, reds, and pinks. The coolest part about the palette is that it’s designed to go with different skin tones and moods. There are six “themes”: Memory, Ritual, Story, Soothe, Aura, and Poet.

Now I know I previously said how I felt the Huda Beauty palette is similar to ones I already own, and yes Tati’s palette is safe and is full of neutral tones. BUT, I am really torn on this one. I wasn’t expecting Tati to come out with a palette or a beauty line. However, seeing this palette and reading the reviews online definitely makes me curious about purchasing it in 2020 after the Holidays are over. I could definitely see myself using this palette on the regular, but can’t seem to make a full decision until after I get to see what the palette reveal is for Shane Dawson’s Conspiracy palette.

Shane Dawson Conspiracy PaletteHere is what we currently know about the Shane Dawson Conspiracy Palette: 1) there will be a mini palette and a full palette as well as a liquid lipstick line 2) the mini-controversy palette will have 9 shades and the full palette will have 18 shades. My best guess for the price range for these palettes is as such: Mini Controversy will probably be available for around $28, the full palette will be available for around $52-58, both palettes may be available as a bundle for around $75, the full-sized lip vault will probably retail for around $85 with a possible mini bundle for around $52, and if the lip products are sold separately, they will probably retail for around $18 each.

The nine shades of the Mini Controversy Palette are named: Flat Earth, Cry On My Couch, My Boyfriend’s Purse, Controversy, Diet Root Beer, My Apology, Exposed, Cancelled, and The Simulation. Other rumored colors for the full palette include: Ryland, Cheese Dust, Just A Theory, Diet Root Beer, TanaCon, Ranch, My Pills, Pigment, Food Videos, Flaming Hot, Trisha, Not A Fact, What’s The Tea?, Conspiracy, Diet Cola, Illuminatea, Sleep Paralysis, and My Ride Is Here.

Although fans can’t technically pre-order this palette, websites like have an option for fans to sign up “and be the first in line to shop when it’s here.” Jeffree Star Cosmetics also has a newsletter that fans can sign up to receive alerts from this beauty guru.

I do want to throw my money at this palette, however, I would like to wait for the reveal before making a final decision. It is no secret that I am a longtime fan of Shane Dawson’s and that his adventures into the beauty industry has also helped me to discover my love of drama channels and spilling tea. Tonight at 6pm EST will be the final reveal of the palette, and I will post an update to this entry with my final thoughts of which palette I would purchase: Tati’s or Shane’s.

UPDATE: After reviewing the palette reveal for Shane Dawson’s The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star, I have decided that I will purchase the Conspiracy Palette. I am still on the fence about the Mini Controversy palette. I don’t normally wear cool tones or blue colors. I am most likely going to pass on that for now in favor of picking up the Tati palette in the New Year once it is available for a second restock. I will go more into detail in why I came to this conclusion in my next post.

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